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The Lookout.jpeg

The Lookout, acrylic, 42"x46"


Golf Swing, Triptych,  acrylic, 42"x36"

Blast off.jpeg

Blast Off, collaborative piece with Louie (age 4) oil, 36"x42"

Giddy Up.jpg

Giddy Up (Study)



Car Wash.jpg

Car Wash, plein air, oil, 12"x16"

White Cow.jpg

White Cow, oil, 12"x16"


Fountain, oil, 12"x12"

Ceramics table, oil, 24"x24"

Old School, oil, 8"x10"

Bowl, oil, 12"x12"

Purdy Brush, oil, 12"x16"

Cake, oil, 12"x12"

Bourbon, oil, 12"x12"

Swimmer 1, oil, 22"x30"

Swimmer 2, oil, 22"x30"

BMX study, oil, 10"x10"

Sadie, oil, 36"x36"

Ava Grace diptych, acrylic, 24"x48"

Four top, oil, 24"x24"

Market, oil, 28"x32"

Cover illustration, Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, 2001

Fireflies, illustration for Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, 2001

Green Market, oil, 12"x16"

Javier, oil, 8"x10"

Preparation, watercolor, 22"x30"

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