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Paragon Station

Fence Sculpture Project

January 20, 2021


I wanted to create a sculptural fence design that would compliment the clean geometric simplicity of the Paragon Station's architecture.


The fence design is based on a semi-circle motif.  The simple concentric semi-circles create a rhythmic flow that playfully contrasts with the dominant square forms of the building.  


Conceptually, the design elements are meant to evoke the resemblance of an old time locomotive-which is a nod to the building’s original purpose- as training facility for Union Pacific conductors.  The rounded steel shapes and rivets are inspired by old steam engines, wheel spokes, etc.  The design will recall the feeling of an old locomotive while retaining a minimal, abstract aesthetic.


The materials used for the project are primarily steel of varying thickness (1/8” & 1/4”) and finishes.  The steel was fabricated at Firemass Co, SLC.




Jim McGee

Concept Sketches
3D Renderings
Fabrication (Firemass Metal Co.)
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